【URAKAWA】The use of spring water at Suimeibashi Park has been reopened

From Saturday, August 1, 2020, the spring water in Suimeihashi Park (Kamikishu, Urakawa Town, in front of the Nozuka Tunnel) will be available for use!

The subterranean water that you can get at Suimeibachi Park gushes out of the Nozuka Tunnel (4,232 meters long), which runs through the Hidaka Mountains. The water is very pure and super soft water that is said to be gentle on the body and stomach,

Ultra-soft water with low magnesium and calcium content is mild to the palate. The water can add extra deliciousness to your cooking.♪

Suimeibashi Park is open until November 1, 2020 (Sun).
Please note that water availability is subject to change due to water quality test results.

Suimeibashi Park

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