(Suspended)【Hiroo】Every 4th Sunday is the “Fish Day”
In front of the freezing plant of Hiroo Fishermen's Cooperative Association
(3-39, Kaisho-mae, Hiroo)
Past Events
Month Town Title Event date
January Urakawa Horse-riding worship 1/2(Tue)
April Erimo 8th Erimo Uni Festival 4/29(Sun)
May Urakawa 51th Yushun no Sato Urakawa Cherry Blossom Festival 5/5(Sat)・6(Sun)
Urakawa Yushun Sakura Road Illumination 5/3(Thr)~10(Thr)※Dates are subject to change depending on flowering conditions.
Urakawa Suimeibashi Park Opening for Natural Spring Water Use May~October
Samani 9th Samani Uni Festival Late May
Hiroo 39th Hiroo Azalea Festival 5/26(Sat)
July Urakawa Summer Strawberry Day 7/15(Sun)
Urakawa Urakawa Horse Festival 2018 7/28(Sat)・29(Sun)
August Samani 48th Apoi Fire Festival 8/4(Sat)・5(Sun)
Hiroo 63th Tokachi Port Festival・30th Tokachi Firework Festival 8/4(Sat)
Hiroo 63th Tokachi Port Festival・Furusato Summer Festival 8/14(Tue)
Erimo 45th Erimo Lighthouse Festival 8/14(Tue)・15(Wed)・16(Thr)
Urakawa 56th Urakawa Port Festival 8/11(Sat)・12(Sun)
September Urakawa Urakawa Town Industrial Festival 9/30(Sun)
October Erimo 37th Erimo Sea and Mountain Cuisine Festival 10/7(Sun)
Urakawa 36th Urakawa Piscari Marathon Late October
Samani Samani Local Products Fair Late October
Hiroo Hiroo Santa Land Tree Lighting Ceremony 10/27(Sat)
December Urakawa 38th Urakawa Local Products Fair 12/2(Sun)
Hiroo 49th Hiroo Horsehair Crab Festival 12/9(Sun)