Tongari Cuisine

Tongari cuisine

Haru UnidonUrakawa・Samani・Erimo

Unidon is a sea urchin rice bowl. The best season for sea urchins is typically summer. In Hidaka it is spring, not summer! The special sea urchin, Ezo Bahun, is called “Haru Uni”, which means spring sea urchin! The spring sea urchin season is from March to June along the Hidaka coast, well before the typical season for sea urchins for the rest of the country. The rich water flowing from the Hidaka Mountains into the Pacific Ocean and the nutrient-rich Hidaka kelp nourish the Ezo Bahun sea urchin. It is brightly colored, rich, and meltingly sweet. Absolutely delicious!

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Shishamo is a specialty delicacy fish of Hiroo Town. Every year, starting in mid-October, restaurants all over the town begin to offer various lineups of shishamo dishes. There are a variety of dishes on the menu, from traditional nigirizushi (hand-formed sushi), sashimi, and grilled fish to the fun eats like “sharoquette”, which is the fusion of Shishamo and croquette. It is all up to you how to go about it!

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Katsumeshi (Cutlet Rice Bowl)Urakawa

“Katsumeshi” is the soul food of Urakawa Town. A pork or chicken cutlet topped with a special sweet and sour sauce, boldly placed on a bed of hot white rice. Restaurants in Urakawa Town offer a wide variety of unique “Urakawa Katsumeshi” that cannot be found anywhere else in Japan.

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Erimo Tankakugyu (Erimo Shorthorn Beef)Erimo

Shorthorn cattle are particular about being raised in a natural environment, and grow well on native grasses and mother’s milk. In addition, Shorthorn cattle are a very valuable breed with only 20,000 cattle raised nationwide, and Erimo Shorthorn cattle are characterized by the fact that they eat salty grass grown in the sea breeze from the ocean. Shorthorn cattle live a healthy and stress-free life by moving through rugged pastureland, which produces high quality lean meat.

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Tongari Road area offers the largest whelks (a type of shellfish) in Hokkaido. It is only found along the coast of Hidaka, but can be caught throughout the year, especially in the Samani and Erimo areas. The sashimi has a firm and crunchy texture, and when you bite into it, the flavor spreads in your mouth, making it an excellent sushi item. Some restaurants offers an outstanding experience where you can eat fresh whelk right out of the tank.

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Samani Town SpecialitySpecial Oyaki
Oyaki is a round wheat or buckwheat flour cake with various fillings. It has a shape similar to a dorayaki, and this special local oyaki has been loved by the local community for over half a century.
中村おやき (Nakamura Oyaki)
63 Honcho 2-chome, Samani
Age Kamaboko (Fried fish cake)
Additive-free fish cakes made with Hidaka kelp Dashi broth. So popular that it usually sells out quickly!
船越谷水産 (Funakoshiya Suisan)
62 Ikantai, Urakawa
Hiroo Salt Cider
A local cider with salt from Hiroo, inspired by the bubbles of local sea. Refreshing flavor and easy to drink!
Seven-Eleven Hiroo Namiki
2-45 Namikidori Nichi, Hiroo
ENEOS Hiroo SS Ishiyama Shoten
67 Maruyamadori Kita 2-chome, Hiroo
らいぶぼっくす ing (Lifebox ing)
34 Maruyamadori Kita 4-chome, Hiroo
中川生活便利店 (Nakagawa Convenience Store)
20 Hondori 10-chome, Hiroo
サンタの家 (Santa’s House)
689 Hiroo, Hiroo