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Samani is where you can feel the dynamism of the earth and the mystery of nature.
There are beautiful geological expressions, numerous “kiseki” rocks, and the magnificent valley in the town of Samani.
Samani is certified as one of the UNESCO Global Geoparks since it was valued for its variety of alpine plants growing in clusters under the special natural conditions of this area, their precious land heritage and the rich natural environment.


  • Mt. Apoi (Apoi Dake)
    Fuyushima district, Samani

    Mt. Apoi Geopark Visitor’s Center

    Mt. Apoi (elevation 810m) is close to the city, yet you can fully feel the alpine with just an easy 3 hour hike to the summit.

    Standing on "Umanose (back of a horse)" , a ridge 600 meters above sea level, you can enjoy a magnificent panorama of the Pacific Ocean and the Hidaka Mountains.

    Despite its low altitude of 810 meters, alpine plants are extremely diverse at Mt. Apoi, including about 20 endemic species. Those unique alpine plants are designated as a national special natural monument.

    After the enjoyable hike, you can now reward yourself with relaxing bath time at the large communal bath at Apoi Sanso (Apoi mountain lodge), located at the foot of the mountain!
  • Mt. Apoi Geopark Visitor Center
    479-3 Hirau, Samani

    Mt. Apoi Geopark Visitor Center

    A facility that comprehensively provides information on Mt. Apoi Geopark (Samani Town). The information ranges from topography, geology, nature to history, culture, and industry. Real-time information on climbing Mt. Apoi, such as the flowering time of alpine plants and the appearance of brown bears, are also provided here at Mt. Apoi Geopark Visitor Center.

    Open every day during the regular season (April-November)
    * Consultation required for tours from December to March
  • Kannon Yama (Mt. Kannon)
    2 Shiomidai, Samani

    Samani Town Hall Commerce and Tourism Division

    A bell-shaped mound at an altitude of about 100m overlooking Samani Fishing Port. You can drive all the way to the summit and the observatory. The observatory is also a great viewing spot where you can see “the parents and a child rocks” and numerous "kiseki" rocks lined up in a straight line. In spring, relays of flowering such as Katakuri (Japanese erythronium) and Sedum bulbiferum (species of stonecrop) continue.
  • Oyakoiwa Fureai Beach Campground (swimming beach)
    Nishimachi, Samani

    Samani Town Hall Commerce and Tourism Division

    The view of the "Oyakoiwa (parents and a child rocks)" floating in the Pacific Ocean is a spectacular sight that soothes the hearts of people driving along Route 366. The beach and campground are adjacent to each other and are equipped with showers, changing rooms, and restrooms. The area becomes very lively with campers during the summer.

    Open: Early July to early September
  • Mt. Apoi Family Park Campground
    Hirau, Samani

    Mt. Apoi Geopark Visitor’s Center

    This campground is located at the foot of Mt. Apoi, equipped with water supply, cooking facilities, and restrooms. Bungalows are also available for overnight stay. Athletic playground, go-karts, and a park golf course provide activities for the whole family to enjoy. A bathing facility is available for campground users at the adjacent Hotel, Apoi Sanso, so that you can enjoy the camping experience while staying clean and fresh!

    Open: Mid April to late September
  • Samani Dam Campground
    Shintomi, Samani

    Samani Town Hall Commerce and Tourism Division

    The Samani Dam is a hidden but amazing spot for cherry blossom viewing and river fishing. While cherry blossom season is typically in early spring, you can enjoy cherry blossom bloom until mid-May at Samani Dam. Summer is a great season for river fishing at this campground, but it is only known to those who know! Now you are one of them! The campground has a cooking area and restrooms, but running water here is not suitable for drinking, so please do not forget to bring your drinking water.
  • Apoi Sanso Hotel
    479-7 Hirau, Samani
    The Apoi Sanso Hotel is located at the trailhead of Mt. Apoi. It is blessed with a spectacular location overlooking Mt. Apoi and the Pacific Ocean. The large communal bath facility has an outdoor, open-air bath made of peridotite. The use of hotel communal bath is available for both overnight and walk-in customers. The hotel's restaurant, Ezo Shika, offers three popular Apoi Geopark menu items, including the popular Apoi Geo Tantanmen noodles.



Apoi Sanso (アポイ山荘)
Hotel・rental house
479-7 Hirau, Samani
Ajikata mura (味方村)
Traditional lodging
13 Odori 1-chome, Samani