Suimeibashi Park

Located along National Route 236, Suimeibashi Park is famous for its ultra-soft natural water drawn from the Hidaka Mountains. The best time to enjoy Suimeibashi Park is from early May to early November. In the fall, the surrounding area is known as the "Goshiki (five colors) Valley" because you can enjoy the autumn leaves in five different colors.

  • Kamikineusu, Urakawa
  • 0146-26-9014
  • Urakawa Town Hall Commerce and Tourism Division

The use of spring water has reopened on Saturday, August 1, 2020.
※ It may be suspended again depending on the result of future water quality inspection.

The facility is to be used as a rest space. Free local maps and brochures are available inside of the facility.

You can enjoy the view of Kamikineusu Ohashi (bridge shown).