Regional Promotion Council PR video “Travel along the Tongari Road”(Produced by Yasuda Laboratory, Hokkaido Information University)

【Travel along the Tongari Road, Hokkaido (Food)】

【Travel along the Tongari Road, Hokkaido (Nature)】

NHK BS Premium “#Nihon-iine! (Japan, thumbs up!)”

This TV program “#Nihon-iine! (Japan, thumbs up!)” of NHK BS Premium was broadcasted on July 27th. This program was produced by three young video creators to convey the charm of Urakawa Town, Erimo Town, and Samani Town.
Three talented creators in their 20s, Yuka Eda, a talented film director, Chika Watanabe, an award-winning copywriter, and Koyamatakuya, a musician and filmmaker, beautifully demonstrated lives, livelihoods, and nature of these towns. Enjoy the vivid expression of the charm of Tongari road area. (In Japanese only)

“Even if I leave someday”
Movie director Yuka Eda

Copywriter Chika Watanabe

“Let’s play with Windy! Exciting Erimo Town”
Videographer Koyamatakuya (Sushi-kun)