Local Delicacies

Local delicacies

Summer Strawberries
Urakawa and Samani towns are proud to have the largest production volume in Japan. Summer strawberry production is popular in this area, taking advantage of the cool summer climate. These Summer strawberries are mainly used for cakes and other sweets. It has a unique refreshing acidity. You can enjoy the unique sweets of this region.
Early Summer~Fall
  • Summer Strawberry Ice Cream
  • Nitoryu Cheese Cake (Two-flavored cheesecake)
  • Smoothie
Hidaka Kombu
Hidaka Kombu is a kelp that is dried naturally in the sun which deepens the flavor of kelp. In addition to use for soup stock or ordinary cooking, with its tenderness and easiness to process, Hidaka Kombu is often used as prepared foods and tsukudani. From summer to autumn, the whole beach is filled with kelp drying, which has become a summer tradition.
Through out a year
  • Erimo Roll
  • Shigure Kombu
  • First Class Hidaka Kombu
The real shishamo is a precious fish that is only caught along the Pacific coast of Hokkaido. The shishamo smelt from Hiroo Town is perfect fattiness to taste and looks silvery and sometimes even golden. Enjoy the bounty of the sea, eaten whole, from head to tail.
  • Namaboshi Shishamo (Half-dried Shishamo)
  • Smoked Shishamo
Salmon・Salmon Roe
Hidaka’s salmon is called “silver hair” and has lots of fatty delicious flesh. In the hands of artisans, the flesh is made into salted fish such as Shinmaki or Yamazuke, while the roe is made into salmon roe (ikura) or Sujiko. Silver-haired salmon weighing more than 3.5 kg caught off the coast of Hidaka is called “Ginsei”, which means “silver sage” in Japanese, and is even more fatty than usual. In addition to grilled fish, Ishikari Nabe and Chan-chan Yaki are truly representative of Hidaka’s local cuisine.
  • Ginsei Smoked Salmon
  • Salmon Jerky
  • Pickled Salmon Roe in Soy Sauce
Horsehair Crab
Tonagari Road area’s Horsehair crabs, which come into season in winter, are the best of the best, the superb item of Hokkaido. Their flesh are tightened by the extremely cold sea and packed tightly to survive the winter, making it super flavorful.Among them, larger brand-name Horsehair crabs such as “Fugoku” (from Erimo Town) and “Kumagani” (from Hiroo Town) make great gifts.
  • Fugoku Horsehair Crab
  • Kumagani