Lake Toyoniko

This is the heart-shaped lake made famous from the Shiroi Koibito cookie commercials. Surrounded by rich natural forest with a wide variety of life, it is home to the “Pika”, a rabbit-like animal of family Ochotonidae and a survivor of the Ice Age. The voice of the Pika, a high pitched squeak, is a signal that they are nearby!

  • Meguro, Erimo
  • 01466-2-4626
  • Erimo Town Hall Industrial Promotion Division

【Road conditions to Lake Toyoniko】

Currently, trail to Lake Toyoniko is open to vehicles. The road to Lake Toyoniko is an unpaved gravel road. (*Subject to change due to snow removal and road conditions.)

Due to the sharp curves and hollows in the road surface, it will be difficult for large buses and vehicles of low height to pass through.
The walk from the parking lot to the lakeside is about 200 meters through a natural trail with poor ground conditions, so please watch your step.

The area around Lake Toyoniko is home to rare wildlife and plants. Please be considerate of the natural environment, activity such as dumping or bringing in alien species are strictly prohibited.

Separate men’s and women’s restrooms